More Event Attendance

I went to another event last night, this time rope-centered. A lot of things worked out well – the drive wasn’t bad, the people were nice, and I got to play with rope :).

Thing is, rope play begets want of more rope play…and more…and more. Vicious cycle, really.

It still surprises me sometimes how focused so many rope folk tend to be on suspensions. I think it was Graydancer who recently had a post on floorwork and how it gets overlooked. I’ve never been fully suspended, so that’s my bias, but floorwork can be such an intimate, fulfilling experience, and it saddens me that it gets overlooked. There is much more room for touching and caressing with the rope. I know a lot of tops wonder what to do after the ties have been tied, especially if the play partners aren’t in a sexual relationship, but I know that on my end as a bottom I could just revel in the feelings for a good long while with nothing else.

I’ve also been wondering what people do to clean/sanitize their toys. It seems a lot of people have no problem sharing toys, which is great, but if they’re used in certain areas they can get covered in fluids. I don’t know about anyone else, but fluids aren’t my friend unless I’ve discussed it and know the person very, very well. Leather tends to hold fluid, too. I’m honestly curious and unsure about the sanitization procedures and etiquette. I’m going to have to look into it more.


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