I’m pumped. I just bought tickets to Boston for an extended labor day vacation, and I’ll get to see my aunt and uncle for a long while. I used to spend two weeks every summer with them, but the past two years I’ve been too busy with school/work to be able to go. I won’t be at the beach this time, but I’m thankful for what I can get. AND I just found they have tickets to Red Sox v. Rangers :). It’ll be perfect.

I also am going to another rope event Friday night, which will be lots of fun. I think I’m one of few folks who is hesitant to strip down to the skivies, but I’m too modest for that. In a one-on-one play session, it’s a bit different, but for an event like this I’m not comfortable with it. It’s a shame, too, because I think some riggers get thrown off by clothes. Either way, it’ll be fun.

I also broke out my charcoal pencils and sketched the eiffel tower, and it came out surprisingly well. I may have to do more of it. I always forget how much I enjoy art.


3 responses to “Pumped

  1. Once you start to do a new thing, such as taking your clothes off, you will become more and more comfortable with it. Ask yourself if this is something that you wish you could do?

    • Right now, it isn’t something I wish to do. I wish that others would still be comfortable tying me clothed, but I don’t want to be naked in a group setting at this time. I prefer to save nudity for people I choose to get more intimately acquainted with, call it my midwestern sensibilities (or prudishness, whatever). That type of modesty/hesitancy is just not the norm amongst folks that are common public players in the DC scene, because by nature, public players are used to playing in public.

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