Pre-Rope Camp

I’m nervous about rope camp this weekend. You know, all the typical things – what to wear, what to bring, so many new people, so many things I don’t know, anxiety x100… At the same time, I’m pretty excited. Lew Rubens is going to be presenting on predicament bondage. I’m not sure if I’ll go to “Responsibilities of a bottom,” “yoga for bottoms,” “partial suspensions,” or Lee Harrington’s class on energy… we’ll see. Midori is doing what looks like a neat class, but I’d need to borrow a rope top. I’m content to sit and watch and learn, but obviously I’d love to be tied up too.

In other news, my internship ends Friday. This summer has FLOWN by. I met with the Deputy Chief of Staff today, though, and she reaffirmed my career choices and path thus far, and it was pretty gratifying. I’m very excited to start my new job this fall. In the interim, I’ll be kink-free, but I’ll get to see my family. I’ll be visiting parents, sister, and grandmother, connecting with high school and college friends, then back to DC for orientation/starting classes, then to Boston to see the aunt and uncle. Time. Flies.


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