Quick Update

I’m home in Indiana for a few weeks…it was the first time I’ve flown home for a short visit rather than drive. I’m so far away! It was bizarre doing laundry before going home, packing a small bag rather than a carful, etc. My flights all had issues and it took me forever to get home, but it is nice to be here.

Fast update on last several days:

  • I have no cavities! I love a good dentist appointment. One of my teeth is still ever so slightly crooked, though, and might require invisiline or a retainer later in life. I also apparently have been grinding my teeth in my sleep, so time for a mouthguard. But, I still get to keep my wisdom teeth, which is nice.
  • I went down a dress size. This proved a great excuse to return a too-formal dress my mom bought me in exchange for two fabulous work-appropriate dresses. Win.
  • I didn’t make it to rope camp… I stayed out forever and a day Friday, and overslept on Saturday which resulted in missing the classes. I didn’t really want to go just for play, and then it rained, so that was sort of a massive fail.
  • I went to church for a second time. I still love the people, I love the music, but I can’t wrap my mind around some of the message. I’m just not positive to what extent I’m a Christian, or how much I believe in anything the Pastor says.
  • With that, I really don’t take well to being preached to. I always question someone’s background or knowledge.
  • My mom has officially lost 100 lbs, putting her down to 280. I’m so proud of her! My dad also recently started a diet…I’m happy they’re both being healthier.
  • I finished my summer internship with a bang. I got an award from the Under-Secretary in charge of my office for my work on a particular project, and I got a serious request to “consider us and stay in touch if you want a job in the spring.” Yes, please! I like options.
In other randomness, I love how things spike randomly. I’ll go weeks with the only fetlife communication I have being with actual friends and contacts, then out of nowhere I’ll get a bunch of random messages in one day. I don’t get it.

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