Sweet Home Indiana

This is the week of invasive doctors: dentist, eye doctor, and OBGYN. Make it stop! Tomorrow I’ll get my first ever STD check up (exciting). The eye dr. was a traumatic experience. For some reason, things near my eyes freak me the f*ck out, and my eyes roll back in my head to avoid eyedrops, I can’t stop flinching, etc. Tears were involved. But – have no fear – by the end of the appointment, I’d had my eyes dilated, my pressure checked, and a new prescription in hand.

Whenever I’m home in Indiana, I do lots more of two things : shop and see movies. Seriously, I feel like that is all I’ve done for the past few days. I saw the Change Up (crude, crass, and not good) and Crazy Stupid Love (very good and highly recommended). I bought quite a bit of stuff, but most excitingly was the pair of oxford shoes I got today.

I am pretty excited for more new music. My friend is visiting and I’m ripping 30 of her CDs, and I burned her 18 from my music. It’s all free (!) which is awesome.

This same friend has been working at the Indiana State Fair as a vendor, and she was there when the stage collapsed (thankfully, in a different area of the fairgrounds). Sunday’s fair was canceled, so she and I have gotten to have a longer visit. I still can’t believe the stage collapsed at all; it’s horrifying. I’ve seen concerts there before and would never have thought it possible. I don’t know that I’ll ever feel comfortable near an outdoor stage again.

In other randoms, I started playing words with friends with someone I went to undergrad with. I had a huge crush on him back then, but while we flirted we never really developed into anything. Anyhow, he played “jute” during the game, and it just restarted lots of thoughts. I wonder now if he’s into kinky things. I really should have had more balls in college.

My “secretary” fantasy has returned, though. I STILL haven’t seen that stupid movie, even though I’ve owned it for close to a year now. I want to get a group of kinky folks together, have rope and bondage involved, and then watch the movie, maybe follow up with play or actual game night, either way. Or, similar situation, but one on one… I just want to watch it while bound and kind of tormented. I think it’d be appropriate and sexy as hell. Goal for the year: make this happen.

I am going through kink withdrawal. I really am craving rope and pain, preferably in some combination. This needs to be remedied, only I doubt it will be possible in the week I’m back in DC. Between orientation events, classes, and a friend in from Brazil, it’s going to be rather booked. Hopefully after September 8th there will be lots of things to make for it! I am in the process of being vetted for DXS Rapture, so perhaps I’ll go to that party in September. Although, I’m not entirely certain how much one needs to have a date/scene negotiated and figured out prior to attending the event, versus just attending, watching, and maybe making something happen once there. We shall see.


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