Shopping List

Here are the toys that have been on my mind recently. First, the ones I’d actually consider buying myself (not right at this moment, but in the future):

  • Vibrator that pulses to the tunes on your ipod:
  • Vibrating nipple clamps…I’ve used these, they’re surprisingly intense (in only the best of ways):
  • Coconut rope – the bristly, scratchy rope is great for a masochist:
Toys I would love to play more with, but probably wouldn’t purchase myself:
  • gags, any type
  • violet wand and accessories (including electrified rope)
  • wartenburg wheel and vampire glove/claws
  • knife play (going with the previous thing)
  • candle wax (I’d buy candles, but not really into doing alone)
  • bare handed spanking… I’ve been spanked, but only as a brief warm up before harsher implements. I’m curious about a full out spanking.
  • tower of pain nipple torment thing (I’ve used this, it’s ridiculously painful, but again, only in the best of ways)
  • handcuffs… I’ve only ever really been restrained with rope. Time to change that.

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