Apples and Updates

Macintosh apples apparently send me into anaphylactic shock…I don’t know how I made it this far in life without realizing that, especially considering how much I love apples. Had a brief scare yesterday, but all is well. I’ve decided that I’m going to see an allergist and get tested as soon as possible.

Kinky things on my mind lately have included: switching; co-topping; being topped by a male and a female, or by two males; needles; and hitachi wands. All of these things remain uncertainties for me, but I’m curious about all of them. I’m most afraid of needles, most certain of hitachi wands, and totally unsure about switching. I’m guessing that over the next few weeks, I’ll get to explore these curiosities (note: explore does not necessarily mean try).

It’s nice to finally be back in DC knowing I’m here for a while. I’m back! I can finish making my room feel homey, I can get into a schedule, start my new job, etc. Classes have already begun, and it’s going to be an intense semester. I’m hoping I’ll be able to maintain some level of kink involvement, whether through happy hours, DC Rope nights, or Rapture.

My family is having some issues right now. My cousin is in therapeutic boarding school, my aunt and uncle were whom I stayed with in Boston, and it was great to give them support and love. My sister fell and has a fractured vertebrae, so she’s back at home and my mom is going batshit crazy as a result. I never really know how to help from so far away; there’s nothing I can really do except listen to my mom complain. Plus, my sister has no health insurance, so it’s just this giant clusterfuck.

I’ve been thinking a lot about relationships, polyamory, religion, etc. lately, but I haven’t had a set amount of time to actually try to process what I’ve been thinking. I’m hoping to have some time to do that this weekend. I’ve kind of settled into a “do whatever seems to be enjoyable and makes me happy until it starts to make me unhappy” mindset. I’m not sure how long this will last. I could really use some close female poly kinky friends. I would love to talk about some of the things on my mind with my closest friends here, and while they know about the goings on in my life (including kink), the level of detail at which I’d like input and gossip are a bit beyond what I feel comfortable sharing with them. Again, I’m hoping that attending more events will just naturally fix this.

Also, the whole “when it rains, it pours” thing has been very true recently. I’m not used to balancing many different types of relationships with work and school simultaneously. I got a taste of it last year, just between my kink and vanilla groups of friends, but I have more going on this year. Again, it’ll be an interesting semester. At least I’m finally starting to be slightly less awkward with men. Note: slightly. I think it’s more of an increased comfort with myself. No matter what I feel and think about it, DC is slowly becoming home. I fit better here, even if it still overwhelms me a bit.


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