D/s Interactions in an LTR

*Edited to add that I really don’t know anymore how much I desire this type of relationship, but most of these things appeal on some level. I just don’t know that I’d ever want them all, all the time.*
These are elements I want in an eventual long term D/s relationship:
  • When my Dom sits on the couch, sitting at his feet rather than by his side, his hand on my neck or in my hair.
  • When out in public, wearing some form of necklace or token to signify my Dom’s power in our relationship.
  • Occasionally going out to dinner, a movie, etc. with hidden toys – ropes harnesses, remote vibrators, butt plugs, possibly even discreet nipple clamps, etc. and having to maintain the vanilla facade. This would be most fun when going out with my Dom, but could also be done when going out and about my business alone.
  • Needing to ask permission to play with myself or to orgasm.
  • Being required to write down sexual fantasies, curiosities, or vulnerabilities and my Dom having full access to my writings so as to promote open communication. Or, rather, being forced to vocalize them in different ways.
  • Being required to maintain eye contact when discussing anything kinky, emotional, sexual, or generally difficult. Basically, not being allowed to hide, even in that minute way.
  • Having my Dom order for me when out, even if just asking me what I want then telling the waitress.
  • Holding my wrist, rather than my hand, or walking with his hand on my lower back.
  • Having potential clothing restrictions, insomuch as “wearing a skirt once a week” or a certain type of panties, not anything crazy micromanaged, just general preferences or occasional requirements.
  • Having my limits pushed, with pain and other experiences. I want to be challenged.

*Edited 5 months later to add that the thought of all of these things at once in a relationship overwhelms and frightens me into not wanting power exchange at all. This is an idea of general things in a power exchange relationship that appeal, but in no way would I or could I have all of these all the time. At least not at this point in my life.*


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