Relationships are Complicated

To me, labels are serious. Defining a relationship publicly is a big deal. Telling the world “HEY! I’m with this person!” means something to me.

Thing is, even if the label is just “play partners” or something, since I’m not poly, that will likely read “taken” to single monogamous men. I’m not ok with that. While I’m open to playing with others casually, I’m only cool with that so long as we both have veto power and the trust is solid. I still looking to find that type of relationship.

On the other side of the spectrum, I’m also not looking for something 24/7 or full of protocols. I don’t have the time and mental capacity for that right now. I also don’t know how much I’m ready (or able) to be submissive all the time like that. I want to just be myself and see what happens, I don’t want to define it or restrict it from the get go. I want the freedom to confine my kink to the bedroom, so to speak, and not have ramifications for that.



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