Hectic Week

Life lately has been VERY hectic.

  • Recurrence of my strep throat…yup, it came back. Had some new antibiotics, and it looks like it’s cleared up. Lots of blood was taken to check for mono and other diseases…should find out tomorrow what’s up with my body hating me.
  • The Dr I went to last week when I was sick was nice, but the office is entirely incompetent. My arm is bruised all over from drawing blood, the place was full of old equipment, they called my emergency contact with my results instead of me – after over a week, when it should’ve taken 3 days.
  • I had only accrued 9 hours of sick leave at work, and I had to take off 16 hours…this resulted in the largest clusterfuck of bureaucracy today. Lots of forms, memos, phone calls, and stress. Hopefully it will all get finalized and worked out tomorrow.
  • Went to Pittsburgh, saw my first Opera (which was great!), saw friends, got stressed out about job searching from said friends, and was reminded of all the things I loved about the city.
  • Did I mention job searching? Yeah, I’m behind on that. It’d help if I knew WTF I wanted to do… I think I’m going to work on making a list of places I’m interested in, look up alumni, then start setting up informational interviews. The issue is I want to stay where I am, but that might not be possible due to budget.
  • Work is great, but just got CRAZY busy. I’m now working on a second engagement for a few hours/week, which just adds to the stress level. Being sick last week didn’t help.
  • I think I’ve finally cemented that poly doesn’t work for me, I’m too jealous a person. I want to be special and treasured, not one of many. Being one of the girls doesn’t work for me. I’m a bit possessive, and I want my partner to be a bit possessive, but only if we’re agreed on being with one another in a monogamous situation.
  • My brain has started just giving up on things. Today, I mispronounced words all day. It’s like I got dyslexia of the mouth… hopefully sleep will cure this.
  • Hoping to go to BBN this weekend, maybe also to the DC TNG event. I may have missed the RSVP period for BBN, though, which would be unfortunate. I don’t want to have sex with anyone, even though orgies ensue there. I plan on being clothed, hopefully being tied up, and perhaps beaten. I don’t need to be all sexual and naked too. I swear I’m finally going to get the balls to assert this up front this time.
  • My free time is pretty much going to be gone for a while. A new class started tonight, and it’s worthwhile but will take a lot of time and effort. Added to that, the other classes I’m in have picked up hardcore. I have group meetings or class every night this week, it’s a bit ridiculous. I don’t know when I’m going to see people.

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