Too much time…

Applied to jobs, caught up on TV, took my car in and found out I can’t do anything about it until next weekend, played with the kitten, shopped online…

I haven’t had this much free time in 6 months, and I don’t really know how to handle it.


So, I decided to play with rope, because, well, why not? I’m a pretty decent rigger for a bottom, if I do say so myself. I successfully tied a chest harness and a crotch rope, then I bound my thighs and ankles and wound the rope around through the chest harness, laid down, and ta-DA, hogtie! I didn’t do anything with my hands because that’d be a bit too dangerous. I love restraint, especially when I can’t move at all. It gets me going faster than a lot of things, really.

Unfortunately, there’s only so much predicament and restriction one can do to oneself. Time to rejuvenate my search for a Sadistic rigger playmate.


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