Vanilla Guy

I think I like him…kind of a lot.

But how much is just friendship, because I’ve never had a really, honest-to-God close male friend?

He’s really cute though. And tall. And so, SO nice. And smart. And interesting.

But he also can’t make decisions at all, is slow to take a stand, and needs taking care of.

But then he’s super loyal, and when he gets angry and assertive about things it’s downright sexy.

He’s also likely entirely vanilla. It’s hard to imagine doing sexual things with him, but it’s impossible to imagine him administering a spanking or tying me up. God. I feel dirty thinking it.

Then I feel dirty for wanting it, and I wonder if I really need kink at all.

Which leads to – if I’m going to be with a super awesome, nice vanilla guy, it would be – should be – this guy.

Hah! I don’t even know if he’d be interested at all!

Aojidl;knvm,xm. <– confusing.


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