I’m a Hoosier.

A few days ago, I decided to fully accept, acknowledge, and be proud of my Midwestern heritage.

My family has lived in Indiana for more than 15 years now, over half my life and essentially all of my most formative years. I’m a Hoosier.

What this means:

  • I enjoy (when I remember how to play) Euchre.
  • I love wide open spaces.
  • I think cornfields are pretty.
  • I enjoy listening to country music. (And no worries, I still like Sugarland despite the incident at this year’s state fair.)
  • I love bonfires and looking at the stars.
  • I enjoy long road trips.
  • I’m a hard worker.
  • I’m very in tune with my faith and spirituality and was raised going to church (but only until confirmation).
  • I can easily entertain myself. When all that’s around are restaurants and shopping, you have to learn to deal. (Slash you learn to like movies and television isn’t a dirty word.)
  • I prioritize family and friends above all else.
  • I smile and sometimes say hi to strangers.
  • I’m very conscientious.
  • I’m very patriotic; I love my country.
  • I love to cook, I don’t mind cleaning, and manners (especially when hosting others in my home) are very important to me.
I fully acknowledge that these things aren’t limited to midwesterners, but they are definitely stereotypes that ring true for me.
I don’t, however, identify as a tea party republican, but I don’t identify as a flaming liberal either. I’m a moderate.

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