My mother and sister have officially lost it mentally today. Add the 27 year old, living at home, jobless, PMS-ing sister with the bipolar, party-host-stressed mother and BAM! Negativity.

I lucked out on bridesmaid dress shopping, so my dress will be the same as the other girls only blue (I’m the something blue). Only, apparently there are only 4 groomsmen for the 5 bridesmaids, and since I’m blue, I’m the 5th one out. This wins for most awkward wedding arrangements. I also might be reading something at the ceremony? Thankfully I’m just good at doing what I’m told, and that’s my attitude about this wedding.

I also got an interview! It’s on Friday the 13th…thankfully I’m not superstitious. It figures that of the 36 jobs I’ve applied for, the one I’m hearing back for involves travel to Afghanistan. I’m hoping I’ll have another offer in the works before this one gets to that point, since I don’t know if I’m ready for that type of danger. Basically I’m going to have lots of questions for the interviewers.


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