2012 Kink Resolutions

2012 Kinky Resolutions:
  • Continue to learn more about rope and attempt rigging on another person for the first time
  • Be tied up more, including suspension and the reverse prayer position (get photos!)
  • Experience a scene with electrical play (violet wand or tens unit, not stun gun/cattle prod/taser)
  • Try knife play with cutting or needles that pierce the skin
  • Try hot wax and ice cubes
  • Find someone to make out with semi-regularly who knows WTF they’re doing*
  • Going with the above – find a consistent play partner, whether rigger, sadist, or both, with or without some form of more intimate benefits*
  • Don’t let others (even inadvertently) pressure me out of sticking to my own ethical/moral standard
  • Attend a Dark Odyssey Happy hour, a Baltimore rope event, and a DCDungeon event (closed before happened)
  • Figure out a fetish outfit that is flattering, affordable, and easy on/off for scene events/play

*Finding a kinky someone I’m interested in on a more romantic level would more than satisfy these two bullets in terms of resultions.


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