C’est la vie.

Good things:

  • found affordable black heels
  • bought some kink-appropriate clothing
  • sex drive returned full speed ahead
  • found someone to stay with to split my drive up en route back to DC
  • family members got engaged
  • I won an auction for Dark Odyssey Winter Fire ($100, normally $170)

Bad things:

  • have to leave in a day and may not see family for another 5 months
  • three of my cousins are now getting married this year, plus my friend from college (the wedding I’m in). April, July, November, December… There is no way I can afford them all, and I want to go to all of them!
  • a ‘nilla friend will be in town next weekend, which means I can only sneak away one night of the weekend, meaning I can’t go to Rapture this month (and just when I’d finally got the nerve to ask someone to do some cutting)

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