I’m sure I’ll expand on this or write something else later (I’m far too tired to think my life through right now).

That said, coconut rope is freaking amazing. Seriously. I’m for real going to order my own soon. I want to be able to use it in inappropriate ways, which means it should not be shared.

Two, DC Rope has expanded from the 16 person meetup to a 68 person event! Which, by number alone, seems awfully intimidating and crazy, but the space was large and people were friendly so really it didn’t feel too big at all. I really appreciate the no-pressure environment and how easy it is to just walk up to strangers and say hello or tie one another up. It’s really an amazing thing.

Third, this week was ridiculous for job searching/networking. Interestingly enough, the pre-meeting/interview impressions I had were reversed after these events occurred. I thought the dangerous job would be scary and awful and had terrible expectations, but the people I met were great and the job seemed a lot more appealing than I anticipated. Now, on to the waiting to hear back from everyone.

Lastly, I got horridly lost on the way home tonight. I thought I’d be all “I live here I’m not a tourist” and not use my GPS, and then the signage was confusing and I missed my exit. In Indiana, this would be no big deal – I’d continue on, pull a u-turn or get off at the next exit and swing around, and poof back on track. Here, it took me 30+ minutes with the GPS of driving through a really bad part of town in order to get back where I needed to be in order to drive home. All this because I wanted to avoid driving through the city and pull through the tunnel instead. Guess I should’ve google-mapped it or something. Fail.

And, tired wins. More later. So much has been happening I need to write through to understand, but that requires time.


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