Personality Profile (ESTJ)

This is extremely, almost frighteningly, accurate.

Your personality type: “Determined Realist”

Practical, traditional and organized. Likely to be athletic. Not interested in theory or abstraction unless they see the practical application. Have clear visions of the way things should be. Loyal and hard-working. Like to be in charge. Exceptionally capable in organizing and running activities. “Good citizens” who value security and peaceful living.

Careers that could fit you include:

Military, business administrators, managers, police/detective work, judges, financial officers, teachers, sales representatives, government workers, insurance agents, underwriters, nursing administrators, trade and technical teachers.

Tip: Place the mouse cursor over the bars for explanations of the terms.

Renowned persons with similar personality types:

  • Andrew Jackson, American president
  • Bette Davis, actress
  • Elliot Ness, prohibition agent
  • George W. Bush, American president
  • Grover Cleveland, American president
  • James Monroe, American president
  • John D. Rockefeller, industrialist and philanthropist
  • Lyndon B. Johnson, American president
  • Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart
  • William Henry Harrison, American president

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