For my one minute of valentine’s day angst – it’d be really great to have someone special, if only to take advantage of all the interesting things around town.  I’ve been forwarding cool date and gift ideas to my friends, but it’d be nice to do one of them myself. My night will either be filled with homework, job applications, television and laundry, or possibly the BR class. What’s terrible, is that us girls always have the tiniest hope that some unknown quantity will surprise us with a romantic gesture. I blame chick flicks for encouraging that ridiculous notion.

Moving on from that… This past weekend was pretty awesome. I went ice skating, saw some old friends, and got to play a lot with rope. I was tied in some of the stricter positions I’ve ever been in. Lesson 1 – give more feedback, including whenever something tingles or hurts and don’t let myself feel like a complainer. Lesson 2 – eat something before playing. Takeaway 1 – stretch my arms a lot more to increase flexibility. Takeaway 2 –  complete immobilization is the most highly sexualized kinky interest I have; I get release in many ways from pain and other things, but there’s nothing like a good hogtie in terms of turning me on.

I had some uncomfortable issues with friends feeling left out – never my intention, which was unfortunate. I’m hopefully rectifying that. I also found a great place to go snow tubing, so hopefully that can happen soon. I also had a great discussion with my managing director and a kind of bittersweet one with HR. Essentially, unless I get an offer elsewhere before I get an official letter from the job offer I have, then I’m taking this job. Which is exciting! And scary, since the job has the potential to be dangerous.

Also, I’m getting very nervous for winter fire! I have no clue what clothing to bring/wear (and I HAVE to laundry prior to the event). I don’t know if I should drive and park for one day, multiple days, metro, etc. I don’t have any play things formally lined up, other than some vague discussions of “I’ll be there too.”  I’m hoping I’ll see people I know (or don’t know) that want to arrange something on the fly. I’m also hoping that I’ll meet friendly folks or see nice faces in the classes I choose to attend. Throughout it all, I hope to avoid seeing any people I know from the vanilla world at the event or (more likely) on the streets around the event. I don’t know how to explain the whole thing.


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