No risk, no reward

I’m going for it. I turned down an internship offer today – one that pays, mind you – in the hopes of getting another one that I haven’t heard back from yet. I had to give an answer, and I want the other position badly enough to risk having nothing at all. Plus, I think I realized that even though the people working at the other place are nice, I don’t like the type of work I’d be doing. So, now to cross my fingers and hope for positive news about the other opportunity.

Tomorrow is my last day at my current job, which is bittersweet. It’s been an amazing experience, but I’m sad for it to end. Hopefully the FY13 budget will go as planned and I can come back in a year.

Went to a BR rope class tonight. It was just enough rope to make me want more, of course. I did see some interesting variations on the box tie (Takote Kote -sp?). I like the class aspect of BR, even though it’s harder to meet people there. I think I’m going to try going to a few more classes, and hopefully get the balls to go to their pre-class happy hour/dinner. It helps that violet wands, breath play, flirting in the scene (yay awkward avoidance), and bratty subs – all things I have an interest in – are all upcoming topics.

My only lasting marks from this weekend are from the 5-10 minute impromptu single-tail experience I had on Sunday. This is probably a good thing, all things considered, but it’s interesting that the 35 minute impact session left no marks while the quick whip did.

Now to sleep!


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