Sunday Reflections

My strange week ended (shocker). What was weirdest about this past week was that it sucked for everyone around me as much as it did for me. I don’t know what was in the universe on Wednesday, but it didn’t treat my people well. Despite all that, the week ended very positively and I’m back at peace with things. I finally caught up with one of my close friends, and I didn’t realize how much I needed that. 30 minutes with her and I have a paper topic, I understand my CBA homework, and I feel more confident in my life. It’s amazing what a positive force she is (damn her cat). We also managed to further narrow down our systems project this week so that instead of making an econometric model, we’re going to focus on monte carlo simulations. Now we just have to procure the software and find a faculty advisor that can help us double-check our formulas.

On Saturday, I went snow tubing! I was really nervous about this trip since I didn’t know how long it would take us, but I’m so glad I went. I’ve been a bit out of sorts at times here in DC since I don’t have as many adventurous friends here. Actually, it’s more likely that the adventurous friends I do have are too wrapped up in school and work to take a break, but it amounts to the same thing. Two of my friends from undergrad live here, though, and they’ve been jumping on the wagon to do fun things for the last month, which is great. We went ice skating, and then they were up for snow tubing. I’d never been before, and it was pretty exhilarating. If there’d been more snow we could have gone skiing, but as it was it was still worth it. It was definitely kind of strange sliding on snow that was so clearly man-made, seeing as how the rest of the area had no snow at all.

I also managed to learn that the two of them are familiar with Fetlife and kinky things. This wasn’t entirely a surprise (if someone knows “vanilla” as a term, it’s not a far jump). The whole situation is a bit weird, though. Interestingly enough, the girlfriend is very into predicament bondage and she knows about all the kinky events around town. We’ll see where that goes.

I went to the Crucible Saturday night, which was another series of events. I bought a book at the swap meet, which is kind of funny only in that in a room full of things to make fantasies reality, I buy something that’s still purely fantasy. I’m kind of ok with that at this point. The dungeon was much more welcoming than I anticipated, and the energy level was a little lower than the Playhouse events. It seems like a much better place to go to have a private scene with someone in a public setting, whereas the Playhouse is more of a party atmosphere. The evening was definitely well spent and I’m very glad I went.


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