Hit up the Baltimore aquarium, the spy museum, the monuments at sunset, drag queen bingo, and some of the popular restaurants around the city this week. AKA, it’s been a good week for crossing things off my DC bucket list. I almost got to see 1776 at the Ford Theater (which the history buff in me adores the concept of), but it was unfortunately sold out while my friend was in town.

In other news, the capstone project saga continues. Our phone call today with airline representatives basically further reiterated that our topic choice was poorly selected and that we need to redirect our focus. I don’t know how the rest of our team is going to take hearing that we need to switch direction with just over a month left in the semester. At least this time, the change is coming from several people and not just me.

On a more positive note, I finally officially accepted my post-grad job today, and I have a start date! I decided to start June 18th so I can have some time to go home and see family, move, etc. before starting the new job. I’m really excited to no longer have to worry about job searching or what I’ll be doing next. Also, it’s nice to know I can pass a security clearance. I pull off vanilla goody-two shoes very well.


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