I’m suddenly intensely homesick. I miss my family. They’re a bit crazy, and it’s usually not the easiest being home, but I still miss them. I wish I lived close enough to visit on a whim. Even if I were within 3 hours, we could meet in the middle, or it could be a (long) day trip. I was looking at flights home earlier today, and it’s nearly impossible. To fly into my hometown, it takes a minimum of 4 hours, not including transit to airports and security time, and costs almost $300 one-way. To fly into Indianapolis, it takes 4 hours, then the security and then another 2 hours to get to my hometown, although it costs only $150 one way. If I drive, it takes 10 hours.

I think I’m homesick because it’s my birthday this week (that, and my closest DC friend is out of town this weekend and I’m PMSing). When I was in undergrad, my family always came and visited me. Even last year, they were in town the weekend after my birthday. I’ll see my mom for a few hours in two weeks, but it isn’t the same. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my life here in DC. I love my friends — kinky, vanilla, pre and post-grad school, I love my job, I like the atmosphere and the variety of things to do, I like the closeness to the beach and other major cities. The only thing I dislike is how far away from my family and a few of my closest friends from high school/undergrad. I wish I could have sunday dinner with my family, or girls night once a month, but have everything else in my life stay the same. If only.

In good news, the cherry blossoms are blooming! I’m going to go Thursday to take photos and enjoy it. I’m not sure if that means taking off some time during the day from work, or going in the evening, but I’m pumped. I should’ve done my research and invested in a DSLR before now, but my camera should make do for the time being. As an added bonus, it’s going to be 80 degrees and sunny on Thursday, so it should be even better!


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