Odd Article

Yahoo was trying to justify “bad” traits that men have, and tell women why they should want these men. This one is a new level of disturbing, mainly because – 2 minutes? 2 minutes versus 7 minutes are the options here? Really? Are they including foreplay? I mean, sometimes I get it, quick and dirty might be best, but it’s a sad thought to think that sex would be all of 5 minutes for most of america.

“Bad” Trait #2: He’s carrying extra weight
You may want your guy to hit the gym more, but those bottles of beer and late-night snacks are doing you a favor in bed. According to a study conducted by Erciyes University of Kayseri, Turkey, men with excess body fat last an average of 7.3 minutes in bed, while their slimmer counterparts typically last less than two minutes. How do his love handles help your sex life? Heavier men have higher levels of the female hormone estradiol, which slows the progression of orgasm. So pass him the wings!

I’ll probably process my life later, but this just struck my funny bone interestingly.


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