Day 2, 30 Days of Kink

Day 2: List your kinks.

Well, I’ve done that before; see my Fetishes and Limits post. Or, better yet, see my fetlife profile.

But hey, in the interest of this exercise, I’ll do it again.

My biggest kink is bondage. I love being tied up. Fantasies about being tied spread-eagled were what led me to kink in the first place. Rope bondage was my first kinky experience with a partner. I love it all – handcuffs, shackles, chains, leather, rope, bondage tape, fabric – all forms of restraint turn me on. I adore the feeling of helplessness, the vulnerability, and the sheer surrender of bondage.

Deserving of a category all it’s own, rope is another big kink of mine. Rope is different from other bondage for me. Where the other forms of bondage are about the situation they create, rope is it’s own situation. Yes, there’s something about the rough metal of handcuffs, but nothing compares to the scent of raw hemp, the scratch of jute, or the caress of silk rope. The look of concentration on my partner’s face, the outlet for all participants’ creativity, the slight strain of my muscles as I try to hold a challenging position all appeal. Rope can be a weapon in a struggle for power, or it can be a tool to enhance the sensuality of a moment. It can be hidden, or it can be decorative and shown off. It can be private and intensely sexual, or public and chaste. It can involve any number of people. So yes, top of my list – rope.

I suppose another kink of mine would be teasing and denial. I like being told no. I like being vulnerable, and brought to the point where I want an orgasm more than anything – then my partner has the power to withhold that from me. It is a reinforcement of my surrender to his control and power at that moment, and I find that incredibly sexy. Begging is associated with this.

Another kink is rough play and struggling. I like being pinned down. I like to fight and push back, and have my control forcibly taken away. There’s something so primal about it that appeals.

Other kinks would include pain, sensation play, and breast/nipple “torture” (aka clamps, pinching, biting, slapping, pain in general, extended play without other stimulation, bondage, etc.).


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