Day 3, 30 Days of Kink

Day 3: How did you discover you were kinky?

My discovery of kink was kind of a happy accident.

I’d always fantasized about big, strong, domineering, Alpha-male types. I love to read, and I started reading romance novels in about 8th grade (took longer to get through and still had happy endings).  Dominant heros always attracted me to a particular novel. I remember stumbling upon a risque novel at the bookstore that involved bondage, and that opened a whole can of worms. I used my handy online research skills to look it up and learn more, and learn more I did. That was the beginning. (As an aside –  this is proof of why no parent should ever put a computer with internet in their child’s bedroom.)

For a really long time I just fantasized and read about things. I talked to a lot of people online, and experimented a little myself, but I had no idea how much my desires would translate into real life. I spent a good deal of college battling with my desire to do crazy kinky shit versus the prudish reality of the midwestern rural town I lived in. I actually went to a kinky event, met kinky people, and had some kinky experiences of my own the summer after I graduated with my Bachelors. I’ll go into that more for Day 5. But, clearly that went well and I enjoyed it, and I’ve been embracing kink ever since.


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