Day 6, 30 Days of Kink

Day 6: Describe your weirdest/most interesting sexual fantasy.

I was thinking a lot about what to write for this, since for the kink community, my fantasies tend to be on the tamer side. I feel like that I suppose because I know a lot of people who are very interested in play-rape, breath play, blood play, and age play. I know folks who fantasize a lot about tentacle porn or anime. Me, on the other hand, I fantasize about control – bondage, teasing and denial, begging, being pinned down and physically dominated. In comparison to the aforementioned fetishes, my fantasies seem tame.

Anyhow, I have fantasized about a more extreme edge of orgasm denial that would be enhanced through very advanced toys. This is in no way something I want to act out (for a variety of reasons), but I do find the idea hot.

I’ve imagined that I’ve been captured by some powerful man (who of course is secretly compassionate, intelligent, romantic, attractive, and has a sense of humor – totally unrealistic, I know). He has me outfitted with this very tech-savvy bra and panty set that serve double-duty as chastity devices and toys. Both would be stainless steel. The bra would be entirely smooth on the outside and locked, and designed in such a way that I would in no way be able to touch my nipples. Inside, there would be a part that held the nipple. It could clamp down, use suction, stimulate with electric current, and apply heat or cold. The other inner lining could get hot or cold, vibrate, and massage. The entire thing could be controlled wirelessly/via computer or with pre-programmed sensors. The panty part would be designed in a similar fashion with the same abilities, only it would also have vaginal and anal probes. There would be a removable piece for using the bathroom, although it would require permission to be removed.

When first outfitted with the device, it would be tested by bringing me to climax several times using different settings. Afterwards, the toys could be set to bring me to the edge of climaxing without pushing me over. I would then be kept in this device, brought repeatedly to the edge, until the man returned from work. I’d have a list of things to accomplish during the day, and if I hadn’t done so successfully, I’d be punished.

I’m sure the rest can be filled in by your own imagination. Mainly, I like the idea of having no control over the sensations being applied to my body, including no way to make them stop. I think it’s sexy that someone else would have the power to make me desperately want to climax. The trust implicit in such an arrangement appeals on a mental level, and the helplessness factor turns me on. Things like that do make me feel more dark and twisty, though, so I usually don’t originate my own fantasies in that realm but just read some form of nonconsensual erotic fiction once in a blue moon to satisfy that dark desire.

I’ve already written a few of my more involved fantasies out, which can be found here. I’ve also posted a bit on a few different themes that recur for me, see Fantasies.

7 responses to “Day 6, 30 Days of Kink

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      • Don’t you dare! It is what makes it YOUR fantasy. I think the scene you have come up with was very clearly thought out. Most of us know what happens next anyway. Lol

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