I spent several hours talking with my current roommates tonight, and I feel much reassured about the world (especially my part of it).

I’ve been worried an inexplicable amount about not having friends or people to hang out with after school is over and I move out of my current living situation. It’s crazy, but I’ve never not been in school or some other structured setting. It’s scary because it’s an uncertainty.

Tonight, I realized there are way too many things I can do to keep myself from being in a friendless state. First off, I have a lot of people in town that I can’t connect with because of my current schedule, so having more time means more, not less, friends to do things with. Moreover, there are endless kinky events I could attend, and I could foster the relationships I have with those people. Plus, of course, my current friends in my program and my roommates now aren’t going to ditch me because we graduate – if they didn’t like hanging out with me, they wouldn’t have kept doing it all the last two years.

But, should I end up with too much time and not enough social life, there are options! I can join my sorority’s local alumni group, which has book clubs, brunch clubs, and volunteer activities. I can take an art class! The Art League in Alexandria offers a stained glass class, a ceramics class, and an intro photography class that all appeal greatly. I could join a choral group; there are several audition-only groups that meet once a week and have regular performances. This would require some practice since I haven’t done sight reading in a good 6 years, but my voice still sounds good. Plus, there are hundreds of interesting groups on Meetup.com – board games, wine lovers, foodies, book clubs, outdoor adventures, french language and culture, the list goes on.

I’m going to be meeting a helluva lot of people in the next few months, and I already know quite a few. I need to relax about it. I know this anxiety stems from my disgusting habit to always worry about something, and I have nothing else to be anxious about right now, but I’m letting it go!

On a random ironic note, now that my job and roommate situations are all finalized, I’ve had two employers seek me out and a roommate seek me out in the last 24 hours. What’s in the air?

Lastly, my roommate discussion led to talking about how in DC, so many people define themselves by their work. I realized that I don’t define myself by my job, but rather the parts of my personality that allow me to succeed at my job. I place a lot of my self worth in my commitment to public service; my adventurous, openminded attitude; my dedication to compromise and efficiency; and my curiosity, passion, and enthusiasm. Those things are all considered strengths in my field, which is why the two associate, but on the whole these characteristics are how I “define” myself rather than by what I do. What I do changes, but these things don’t.


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