Day 17, 30 Days of Kink

Day 17: What misconception about kinky people would you most like to clear up?

Being kinky does not mean you have loose sexual morals. It does not mean you are slutty, promiscuous, or skanky.

Don’t get me wrong, I know many people who would proudly label themselves sluts. I know people who are very sex-positive. I love these people, and I take no issue with people exploring their sexuality in open, safe, consensual ways.

Thing is, vanilla folks hear kinky, and they assume you participate in massive orgies every weekend. While I could indeed do that, and I’ve attended my fair share, I haven’t sexually participated in those events. I’m not alone in that – there are many kinky folks who limit sexual activities to specific partners (whether that be one or a few regulars, it varies).

I’ve progressively gotten more open-minded and free with my sexuality as I’ve been involved in the kinky community, but I’m still relatively “pure” or “innocent.” I haven’t had many sexual partners, and I carefully choose who I will do more intimate things with. I’m not opposed to being a slut for a particular partner, but I’m by no means promiscuous, slutty, skanky, or loose. I have morals, standards, and values, and I stick by them. I’m not a whore. Kinky does not equal whore, and I wish I could communicate that effectively to the vanilla world at large.


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