DO: Fusion

To make it easier to meet up with folks and to try to avoid missed play opportunities, here’s my MO for Fusion. First off, I’ll be getting in late Friday night and staying through sometime Sunday evening. Feel free to be in touch if you want to join me in a class or set up play/hanging out.


  • “Chewtoy: Erotic Biting” with Jefferson
  • “Extreme v. Edge Play: What it is and what it isn’t” with Capt. Gordon
  • “Play Piercing 101” with Claire Adams
  • “G-Spot and P-Spot” with Jefferson — maybe Murphy Blue’s “Multi-person Bondage” class, I’m still wavering between the two
  • “Chest and Breast Bondage” with Lqqkout

(And maybe either “Creative Needleplay,” “Pyro-Passion,” or “Suspensions” Sunday afternoon, but that’s not decided yet.)


  • Circus, if I get there and unpacked in time (sex-o-rama, 8:30 Friday)
  • Truth or Dare Jenga Ion hosted by Pittsburgh folks (poolside, 10pm Friday)
  • Swap & Shop (poolside, Saturday lunchtime-ish)
  • Knotting Circle Ion hosted by B-more folks (Barn, Saturday late afternoon/pre-dinner)
  • So You Kink You’ve Got Talent and Bare Stories, dependent on play arrangements/timing (Saturday night)

Event Goals:

  • Learn something
  • Have fun
  • Stay safe and healthy – don’t get super sunburnt or eaten alive by mosquitos
  • Meet new people (and flirt with them! Avoid introverted, awkward shyness)
  • Communicate effectively with play partners
  • Say no without feeling guilty, speak up about my boundaries before starting play, and don’t let peer pressure (even inadvertent) get to me
  • Have post-event bruises
Play-specific Goals:
  • Be suspended with rope
  • Try wax or fire play (or both)
  • Play with needles
  • Rope, rope, more rope…preferably some rope with wrestling/rough body play/pain, if at all possible (wanted: sadistic rope top[s])
  • Push my limits with pain – if the situation presents itself, experiment with how much I can take/how far I can actually go. Another alternative would be to be beaten to tears.
  • Make out with/kiss a woman for the first time…if I can work up the courage.

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