Holy hell new experiences!

First, I now know how to drive some stunt tricks and how to shoot a variety of guns. I know how to tie tourniquets, do CPR, and do a variety of bandages and medical triage procedures. It’s been a long week, but I do feel better equipped to handle emergencies. I also am considerably more confident when driving.

Second, I went on a weekend trip with some kinky friends, and it was amazing! I was a little worried that I’d be the 7th wheel, but you’d have to try really hard to feel like that with this group of people. Instead, the weekend was awesome, and full of new experiences and sexy fun times.

I expanded on my very hesitant exploration of bisexuality. I made out with almost everyone there (letting out my inner slut a little bit…), including the women. I helped hitachi a girl, although I was a bit hesitant with that. Women went down on me – well, women and men went down on me – and I had screaming orgasms. I let my inner stripper self come out, and got down and dirty with some dance songs. I love dancing, it’s exhilarating and makes me feel sexy.

I also had it reinforced that I really cannot handle large man parts. I’m debating asking my girl doctor if there is anything they can do to facilitate sexy fun times without unwanted pain.

Basically, it was a weekend of debauchery. I’m surprisingly not concerned with my slutty-ness, at least not yet. We’ll see how these feelings progress as the week goes on :).


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