Randoms 7/19

A day for randoms. Haven’t done this in a while, but it’s time.

I love polka dots on clothing. I love when classic retro mixes with preppy. Think Audrey Hepburn goes sailing. Navy, camel, white, black, deep red, grey, plum. Polka dots, argyle, plaid. Full A-line dresses, pencil skirts, cardigans, blazers, scarves. Mary janes, oxfords, sperrys. Pearls, headbands, burberry. If I were a rich girl, I’d splurge on creating a closet full of these things.

This video is awesome. Carly Rae Jepson by military folks in Afghanistan.

I’m already debating jumping ship at work. I’m going crazy with no work to do! There’s only so much news-reading someone can do in a day. I feel guilty for not working, and yet I have no way to get something to do.

I’ve recently been obsessed with Earl Grey tea. Loving the caffeine in the morning. It also helps because getting coffee at work is a major social thing.

I find texting extremely complicated. It’s so hard to read tone, unless people put in exclamation points or happy faces. There’s so much drama about how long to wait to respond, etc. and so many unwritten rules. Ick. At the same time, I love the convenience and the conciseness of texts.

Every weekend another group of acquaintances on facebook get married. People need to stop it!! My friends are too young for this.

Something that was driven home in the last few months was that I really can’t play with people I’m not attracted to. You don’t have to necessarily be a certain type of physically attractive, but I need you to inspire some form of desire in me for me to bottom to you. You could just have a really powerful vibe, or a great sense of humor that puts me at ease, or there could be a great physical spark – whatever it is, I need something. Just because I like someone as a friend doesn’t mean we have a dynamic that works for me for play. Rope practice? Sure, because it’s a casual, non-threatening, non-sexual thing. Pain play, however, requires a very specific headspace for me; in order to enjoy pain, I have to want you to hurt me, be attracted to your sadism and/or dominance. If not, it just hurts, and not in a fun way. A sensual or sexual rope scene – I have to want your hands on me, want to be helplessly at your mercy.

Edited a few days later to add:

I suspended myself (for a minute, but still), which was awesome. It was far easier than I thought. I also realized that if I can do that to myself so easily, really it shouldn’t be that difficult for someone else to do it to me. I always felt like it’d be a burden to suspend me since I’m not super tiny, but this gave me confidence that it shouldn’t be as much of an issue as I was making it in my head.


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