Day 28, 30 Days of Kink

Day 28: How do you dress for kink/BDSM play? What significance does your attire have to you?

I always find clothing for kink events to be an annoying dilemma. I’m right on the border of plus size clothing, meaning it’s more difficult to find fetish wear that fits well and is also flattering. My upbringing made me a bit too modest to strip down to nothing right off the bat. Combined, well, it’s an adventure.

If I’m attending a rope event that will mainly be practice, I’ll wear leggings, tights, or shorts and a dress or skirt over it, paired with a cami or tank top of some sort.

If I’m attending an event where I’ll want to do some S&m play, I’ll either wear some form of chemise or fancy nightgown, or a a lingerie cami that I have. I have way too many fancy nightgowns, you know, the lace and silk lingerie that women are encouraged to wear to bed. They can pass off as dresses usually, but sexier, hence their appeal. I’ll pair some nice panties, maybe tights, fishnets, or thigh highs depending on the time of year.

I have tried to buy more fetish-appropriate clothing in the past few months. I have a corset dress that I bought that’s especially kinky, although it’s difficult removal makes it harder for pain play. I have another corset shirt as well.

Of course, if I’m in private and I have the right type of relationship with someone, I’m ok going with just undergarments or nothing. There’s also one particular party I attend regularly where I’m comfortable enough to go down to skivies for a scene rather than go over my clothing.

There’s no special significance to anything I wear, other than trying to find something that is flattering, easy on/off, and relatively slutty (compared to my normal very demure clothing). I’d bought the corset because it is a type of restraint that appeals, and I bought the thigh highs and garters after learning a few people I play with really like them, but otherwise, no particular reasons.


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