8/1 True Randoms (links included)

First off, here’s some more random crap I’ve learned from too much free time at work:

  • Spiders can’t lose more than 2 legs if they want to build proper webs
  • PixMeAway plans travel for you based on pictures you like
  • The 50 Shades of Grey trilogy has outsold the Harry Potter series on Amazon.uk
  • Recently the FDA approved pills with microchips that track if you take them on schedule
  • Pushpin Art. ‘Nuff said. 

Some funny video links from my workday:

To end, some random about-me things:

  • I ordered 200+ feet of rope a week or so ago from MauiKink, but it hasn’t arrived yet. I ordered natural and navy blue hemp and black coconut rope. I can’t wait! Hemp has a higher suspension rating than Jute, which is why I got it. It’s a natural fiber rope that has a great smell and texture, and it will be my first rope that is safe for suspension. Coconut is just fulfilling my longtime promise to myself; it’s scratchyness feeds all my masochistic rope-slut desires.
  • I’ve fallen in love with the songs “Good Time” by Carly Rae Jepsen and Owl City, “Wipe Your Eyes” by Maroon Five, and “Whistle” by Flo Rida.
  • I love learning about new furniture and design concepts, which reinforces that I may have missed my calling to be an interior designer (my longtime love of house-designing on the Sims and obsession with HGTV being other indicators). Some great design blogs I’ve discovered: DesignMilk, Dornob, Trendir, decor8, and Apartment Therapy.
  • I bought a rice cooker! I already love it. In 20 minutes I have 3-4 meals of rice and it’s perfect every time. I can throw broccoli in a microwave steamer bag and simmer some chicken on the stove simultaneously, and BOOM – lunch/dinner for days. This should make it far easier to avoid the restaurants lining my walk home.
  • I finally have been hanging out more with my new roommates. They’re pretty cool. We’re mainly bonding over the Olympics and wine. I’m proud – they both just found full time work. We have similar senses of humor, which makes things easier. Plus, they don’t judge me if they walk in on me watching the “Making the Cut: Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders” show or “The Glee Project,” in fact they join me! I really lucked out in my housing search.

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