Don’t let the bedbugs bite

I’ve been afraid of bed bugs all summer. I have a myriad of bug bites, although they are the same spots and spread apart. They could be from the humid DC summer, but they are irritating enough that I was concerned. I changed my sheets and looked for bugs, excrement, blood spots, etc.  – I found nothing. Then, last night while I was reading in bed, something itched and it was a tiny black bug. Needless to say, I got very freaked out. I scoped out my bed and room, and I googled bed bugs again. This bug looked different – it was darker and smaller. Apparently bed bugs bite multiple times in the same area, which isn’t my case. So, I was slightly reassured. That, and the fact that I still see no black spots, blood spots, or bugs around my mattress.

Thing is, some people have nightmares and phobias about zombies, others about fire. I have them about bugs crawling all over me. Maybe it was falling into giant anthills as a child or waking to ants in my bed, maybe it was too many times watching The Craft, but I have a deep-seated fear of waking up covered in bugs. Finding bugs in my room or near my bed freaks me out beyond belief. It took me 3 more hours to fall asleep after finding the bug. Here’s to hoping there are no more…


One response to “Don’t let the bedbugs bite

  1. I completely understand where you’re coming from. I don’t mind insects or spiders in my house: when I find them I simply put them outside. But if I find them in my bed? Death penalty.

    One night I was reading in bed, and felt a tickle on my forearm. I looked at my arm to find a spider the size of a half-dollar. I whacked at it as I proceeded to demonstrate gravity CAN be defied. Then the worst happened…I lost the spider.

    Trent wasn’t sleeping in that room that night 🙂

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