Day 1, 30 Days of Me

Day 1: List 20 random facts about yourself.

  1. I prefer suburbs to urban living. I like the convenience and the less hectic pace.
  2. I love fire, especially bonfires, particularly on slightly chilly nights with friends and s’mores. The smell of burning wood is fantastic.
  3. I have a slight obsession with all things pumpkin-flavored.
  4. I dislike the color orange, except for on leaves and pumpkins in the fall.
  5. I really enjoy mixing complicated, multi-ingredient cocktails, but I actually don’t enjoy drinking liquor itself that much. I think I secretly want to be a chemist…
  6. When I was little, I wanted to be a pediatric oncologist and then a pastry chef. Blame books and Discovery Channel.
  7. I’ve been interested in and felt a calling for public service since high school. It took me longer to figure out the specifics of that, but so far I still haven’t lost that feeling.
  8. I love interior design, and spend way too much time watching HGTV.
  9. I’m a former show choir girl. I briefly wanted to sing on Broadway or major in vocal performance, but I wasn’t quite that talented.
  10. I’m way more artistic than most people think. I crochet, paint, charcoal sketch, make jewelry, dance, and do photography.
  11. I’m fabulous at putting together outfits for other people, but not so successful at dressing myself. If I had the money and was a few sizes smaller, I’d be a serious fashionista.
  12. I’m overly logical. Friends usually like this because I tend to give pretty unbiased advice.
  13. I am geeky about certain specific things (rope! Board games! New gadgets! Emerging technologies!), but am usually left pretending to be knowledgeable with geeky folks. Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, Dr. Who, D&D, WoW, anime, Cosplay…all are rather foreign to me.
  14. I dislike foods with certain textures. Grits, mushrooms, cream of wheat, oatmeal, cocktail shrimp, etc. = ick.
  15. I am incredibly easily distracted. This list is a challenge. Squirrel?!
  16. I love planning things. If it would pay enough for me to live on it, I’d be an event planner for a living. Or a college counselor so I could plan other people’s futures…hard call.
  17. I have a crazy-long list of things I want to do, some city-specific and others more global in nature. I’m never short of ideas for things to do, it’s always more about time, money, and partners in crime.
  18. I enjoy pop culture and music, movies, television, and books. Note, I enjoy all of them. I know a lot about certain types of music, movies, television, and books, but I’m not fully immersed in any one of those categories. So, don’t expect me to be able to identify a song’s title or artist unless it’s on my ipod (that’s a limited list), to have seen some super-indie or much-older film, etc.
  19. I always wear a watch. I’m also almost always on time. OCD habits for the win!
  20. I really want to get married and do the whole housewife-soccer mom thing (while likely also working) someday. I love domestic things like baking, cleaning, etc., and I want a family to take care of, white picket fence style. It isn’t very feminist and my kink complicates it, but I still hope to find someone to make it happen with.

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