Falling headfirst into Fall

Awesome things of late:

  • Buying my first pumpkin of the season (yes, I’m a dork). It’s so cute and perfect!
  • Seeing the excitement on someone’s face as I directed them to the farmers market.
  • Things being busy at work so that I’m not aimlessly sitting around.
  • Making healthy fall food so I have stuff for breakfast and lunch each day this week.
  • Taking care of a bunch of errands and crossing things off my to-do list.
  • Getting tickets to Boston for Thanksgiving and Indiana for Christmas.
  • Making plans to go to NYC for a weekend to see a friend, and for her to see me. This chick used to live in Brazil, so this is much simpler.
  • Learning some new board games, like Gloom and Munchkin.
  • Playing lots of Cards Against Humanity.
  • Buying awesome riding boots :).
  • Checking out a cowboy bar chock-full of hot cowboys. Well, dudes with cowboy hats…doubt they’re actually working on a farm.
  • Catching up with old friends and hanging out with a variety of newer folks, whilst still maintaining some alone time.
  • Plans to see a movie I really want to see!
  • Free burritos!
  • Mixing a ‘nilla friend with some kinky ones and having them all get along :).
  • This weekend: BR event (lots of great classes), Fetish Ball, fun dinner on H-st (ramen or mussels or ethiopian – all delicious! which will it be?!), and hanging with my old roomies…basically, lots of goodness.

Weird things…

  • Roommate broke up with her boyfriend of 1-yr. It’s strange since we’re not quite friends, but this might get us into being friends.
  • Three people announced they’re quitting/retiring from my work this week. Everyone is jumping ship…
  • I leave for my warzone trip in just over two weeks.
  • What to wear for the fetish ball?!
  • The fleas may or may not persist in surviving in my apt.

So, really, life is good, just busy as per usual, and only set to get busier through the end of holiday seasons. Every weekend in Nov. is booked! Eep!


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