Columbus Day Recap

So this weekend was AMAZING. Seriously. This post is super-long and not really overly informative, but I like having recaps for later reflection and review. On I go.

First, a moment of reflection. A year ago, I was crazed with school and work, and had only been in the kinky community a tiny bit (think two TNG happy hours, one BR class, one Rapture party, and one DC Rope meeting). I was dating this guy who was dominant and poly, but who didn’t really have his shit together. I was pseudo-dating a second guy who did have his shit together, but who was really into high-protocol types of stuff. Things were weird. I went to the Fetish Ball, and had a horrible time. I only knew a few folks, I hate crowds, and I was all emo about my date’s poly partner and lack of attention. One great benefit – I got close to one of the girls who I now consider a great friend.

Back to the weekend… This weekend was chock-full of fun and activities. I was a bit bummed going into it because a ‘nilla friend was having a house party Friday night and some ‘nillas were hitting up Oktoberfest Saturday, which would have been fun. That said, it was totally worth it doing what I did.

Friday and Saturday were dedicated the BR event. I only knew a few folks going in, and no-one that I normally play with, so I was hesitant. Friday night, I ended up participating in the auction with my submissive friend. We were auctioned off as co-bottoms, and went for $11,000 (in fake money). It was something I never would have had the courage to do alone, but am really glad I did it! It got people knowing I was interested in playing, and guaranteed I’d have some action. I ended up tying up my friend later in the night, then hogtying myself. I played voyeur for a bit too, which was interesting.

Saturday, I started the day by going to a class on face slapping. I’ll post a separate thing as a result of that – I ended up really thinking about degradation and what triggers me and why, which was good growth. I went to vending and bought an underbust corset that I’ve wanted for a while (yay curves and cleavage!). I then went to the singles lunch, which was kind of a bust on meeting a potential partner, but the people were still nice. I then tried to go to a class on fire play but instead took a short nap (I stayed up all night Friday finishing the Hunger Games series). I went to a class on hogties, which was cool because they were all done with a single column and double column tie, which I know how to do – aka I can now do many more ties than I realized. Afterwords, I hung out in the lobby, met some people, then went to a really delicious dinner with some friends.

Later in the evening, I did some suspension stuff with a friend for a while, then went into negotiations with our auction-winner. We ended up dividing and conquering since apparently my friend and I have vastly varied interests, and they went to play. I ended up doing an impromptu scene with someone from NY; we did some flogging and paddling, and it was great because I really needed to let off some emotional steam. I ended up staying up pretty late talking to some folks in the lobby before heading to bed. Sunday, I scened with the auction-winner, and then I went to a class on self-bondage before rushing off to the Fetish Ball.

The auction scene went really well and was really fun, but I kind of flipped a bit at one point. I came very close to climaxing, but I’m terrible at vocalizing, especially with multiple people involved, in public, and gags…so when I couldn’t articulate what I needed to orgasm, I ended up feeling like I’m too complicated to deal with and wasn’t meeting expectations, which upset me. Really, I need to know better than to try to get sexual with someone I’ve only met recently. It never ends well. Anyhow, I ended up going back to the hotel room and using five minutes to get myself off quick and hard.

The Fetish Ball was Sunday night, and as part of DXS Rapture’s volunteer staff I was set to get there early. We helped load-in the dungeon equipment, and then were DMs for the evening. I really love all of those people more than I can say. I ended up flogging two of my friends (and a stranger…), which was a total first for me. Surprisingly, I found it very, very fun. I kind of wanted to just flog the night away so I could improve my aim and such. One of the Rapture lovelies mentioned I could earn a flogger from them, and she would be willing to teach me how to use it properly. I guess I’m officially switchy now?

I also met some cool new people, and ended up getting a flogging myself. (The funny thing was, I think I borrowed my friend’s flogger 4 times in total over the evening? I really need my own.) I mysteriously ended up in a very submissive headspace with that scene, which is rare for me but was a nice change. It’s funny, because right when I start to wonder if I’m submissive at all because I so rarely feel that way, boom! I meet people who put me in that space, and I’m back to the multiple-label mess I was before. I also casually scened with an old friend with wartenburg wheels and tickling, and that was really fun.

Monday, I slept super late catching up on things (and woke with the start of a head cold, boo). I then vacuumed and cleaned up from the weekend before scrambling off to meet my old roommates for dinner. As per usual, spending time with them always puts me in a great mood and refreshes my perspective on life, plus it was a great meal :). I went over to a friend’s house for his birthday and tried to watch Lord of the Rings 2, but we really ended up just talking through it. I met another of his friends who is super cool, and it’s funny because I think we know a bunch of the same people but somehow have never met.

This week at work we have five interviews and some internal meetings, so things have finally gotten busy, thank God! I am so much better when I can be productive. I think I have something planned every night through the end of the weekend, minus tonight, but all fun things. Life is good. If only I could skip my work travel and just keep having fun here!


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