Pre-trip Nerves

I leave tomorrow…time has really flown. I’m kind of freaking out a bit. Good side bonus – I got a pair of noise cancelling headphones, which will come in handy over the next few weeks. I also got a bunch of new books and some new music, which I’m excited about. My friend gave me all of season 1 of homeland, so yay! Now to pack…

Work has moved positively lately. I took on a new assignment as the charity key worker, so I get to plan some events within the organization. I get to know some of the other folks in the agency well, and I get to put my planning to good use. I’m excited to have a few extra things on the workload as well. I also get to start planning my training for next year, which is very exciting.

I’m not sure the level to which my personal internet usage will be monitored in upcoming weeks, so I’m cool with my blog, but I’m not going on fetlife or any erotic websites. It’s going to be weird to have no access, not even mobile, to fetlife for that time period. It’s probably something I should try to do more frequently, actually.

Crazy! This time tomorrow I’ll be over the Atlantic ocean. Eeeeep!


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