Day 4, 30 Days of Me

List 10 things you would tell your 16 year old self, if you could.

  1. Apply to private colleges that aren’t Ivy League. They may be too expensive, but they also may give scholarships.
  2. Volunteer with a political campaign. It’ll be good experience later on. Actually, consider doing Congress’ page program.
  3. It’s ok to ask for help. Get assistance from a guidance counselor or teacher with scholarship and college essays.
  4. Similarly, don’t be afraid to ask for help with things at home. Talk to someone about it – don’t keep things bottled in.
  5. Don’t interact with anyone more than 4 years older than you via the Internet. Creepy. What seems flattering now is actually illegal. Don’t be so quick to trust someone you’ve never met. Really, spend less time in your head and more time with other people.
  6. Play softball, tennis, or some other sport. If you’re bad at first, you’ll get better. Don’t let a fear of being terrible keep you from playing, just give it your all and enjoy yourself.
  7. Pursue your dreams. Don’t let other people’s opinions or thoughts keep you from doing the things you love.
  8. Don’t be afraid to flirt! It doesn’t have to mean you want to be with someone long-term, and can be lots of fun. With that, if a boy acts differently around you, he may be interested. Believe it. Explore it. Don’t let your insecurity get in the way of mutual interest.
  9. Study and practice speaking French regularly and you will go so much further in later years.
  10. It’s ok to have fun on school nights. Seriously. You can go places and do things after dinnertime/extracurriculars and your homework won’t suffer. Relax!

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