Randoms from Post

I can’t really go into too much specific detail about things here, as that wouldn’t help security at all. That said, some random things about life here:

  • There are a shitton of cats that roam around freely. Some people feed them, which is actually against protocol because they are supposed to kill the mice. Apparently you can ship them to your home country if you want. Seems a bit ridiculous to me. Ironically, I skipped the rabies shot, thinking “Really? As-if rabid cats would be everywhere.” Not sure if they’re rabid, but they are everywhere.
  • Food here sucks. Think about the school lunch you used to eat in grade school, and multiply that by 3 meals a day. The salad bar is decent, but otherwise meh.
  • It really is harder to breath. There’s high toxicity in the air and high altitude, which means low oxygen levels. Going up/down stairs gets you more out of breath the longer you’re here.
  • Boredom appears to be the biggest danger on compound. That said, every time I hear noises in the night I still get worried.
  • My productivity here = 100x greater than that at home. I don’t know if it’s the office atmosphere or lure of overtime…

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