Day 7, 30 Days of Me

What is your dream job, and why?

This is tricky, because I’m not entirely sure I know the answer. I can talk about my last internship, which I adored, and my desire to return there. I can talk about the field I’m currently in, which I enjoy. Or, I can talk about any number of things that intrigue me and I’d be open to doing someday, should the circumstances allow for it (some more cheesy than others).

First, the internship I had whilst finishing graduate school was fabulous. I worked with great people, including my supervisor. I had enough work to stay busy, the work challenged me, was interesting, and helped make a difference in society in a positive way. It paid well, and I was excited to go to work each day. My current ambition is to return to that agency. Unfortunately, they weren’t hiring when it was time for me to find work. Thankfully, they are supposed to be hiring in the next month or so, and God-willing, I’ll get through the process and be able to return. The most I’ll give on here (have to maintain some efforts at privacy and anonymity) is that the job was part of the legislative branch.

Second, the field I’m in now. I’ll clarify that technically, my job duties mimic the ones from my internship, it’s really almost the same field. I essentially do program evaluations for the federal government. Yay efficiency and effectiveness! Seriously though, facetiousness aside, I truly adore the mission behind what I do. Public service and improving our government’s accountability deeply matter to me. Beyond that, the type of work I do is challenging and interesting, and uses my skill set perfectly (logical reasoning, interviewing people, working on a team, writing, data analysis). Thing is, the specific job I’m in at this moment involves working with folks that are quite challenging in an organization that has many, many challenges. Essentially, not keen on the current job, but very keen on the field.

Lastly…I still have lots of things I enjoy doing. I’d love to write and publish a book someday. I’d love to be a guidance counselor or someone that helps kids select and apply for college. I’d enjoy working in intelligence. I’d enjoy helping with criminal investigations, doing operations research or something. I’d enjoy working in local political office. I’d enjoy being a full time “homemaker,” PTA-soccer mom type of style. I’d enjoy event planning for weddings or nonprofit/political fundraisers. I’d enjoy doing psychological/behavioral research, especially on sex. I’d enjoy owning a bookstore or coffeeshop, running a bed and breakfast or small inn, or helping manage a restaurant or bar. Basically, my interests are wide and varied, and who knows where life will take me? I’m not actively pursuing any of these things, really, but I’m open to living life and maintaining some flexibility.

I’m goal oriented, but I also understand that really, a big part of life is knowing what you enjoy and like and trying to enjoy each moment. When things aren’t challenging or satisfying at all, it’s worth reexamining the situation and current options. Furthermore, I always keep my ears and eyes open for opportunities, because you never know when a welcomed curveball will be thrown your way.


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