Day 8, 30 Days of Me

What are 5 passions you have?

It’s never hard to tell when I’m passionate about something or someone. My energy level noticeably changes. I talk more quickly, use gestures, and generally sound much more animated/excitable. You can hear the passion in my voice and see it in my mannerisms. If I’m passionate about a product, position, or person and I’m confident in my knowledge of it (which I usually am, since my passion usually means I’ve obsessively gathered as much info as possible), then I can convince almost anyone to buy said product, agree with said position, or want to meet said person. My passion can motivate and excite others – it’s pretty transferrable – and I in no way can fake it or put it on, it’s all real. That said, I’m most passionate about the following:

  1. Public service. This is a big one. It’s driven my ambition and career choices for the last 10 years, and directs my future plans. I get more animated talking about government, my job, my field, and policy than I do most other things.
  2. Learning. Learning and trying new things are sort of similar. I am very passionate about exploring the world around me, understanding the how and why of things, and pushing myself. Adventures drive me and give me something to look forward to. My curiosity is almost never ending, and that sort of motivates these two passions.
  3. Trying new things. See above.
  4. Laughing with friends/humor. Laughing with friends…well, humor matters. I am easily amused, and I laugh easily. I like finding joy where I can and staying optimistic. I like being snarky, sarcastic, cheesy, goofy, and a little nuts. Making other people happy and making them laugh is pretty much vital to my happiness. I bond best with those with whom I share humor.
  5. My faith. Faith is a more personal, complex thing, but I do believe in God and my spirituality is important to me. I don’t practice any specific religion, I don’t have a name for my beliefs (probably a univeralist church would best serve me), but I trust and have faith in a higher being.

Big things aside, I also get excited/animated about any number of other things, including: international energy negotiations, nuclear weapon abatement, renewable energy, gadgets and new technologies, cooking, reading, writing, dancing, photography, travel, victorian england, interior design, real estate, new scientific discoveries, behavioral psychology, broadway musicals, country music, autumn, all things pumpkin, the 4th of July, and any number of other things. Oh yeah, and sex, rope, kink…that stuff matters a lot to me too :).


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