Holy Hell Work Week

So, I was at work for 13 hours later, and 11 hours today. Don’t get me wrong, I’m typically an impossibly hard worker…I’m just used to being able to finish everything and leave on time. I work very quickly, and that has spoiled me. When it matters, I put in the time – I once spent 12 hours in a row studying for an exam because that’s how long it took me to prepare notes. I do what I have to do to get my things done, and do so successfully. Again, it’s just rare that it takes me overtime to do so. This is new for me.

I really do love what I do. I love researching, interview, and collecting data. I like analyzing the data, putting together the logic, running numbers, and proving my argument. I love that it has an impact. I surprisingly am coming to enjoy grants quite a bit – out of nowhere, all my projects seem to be budget/grant related. Contracts are a bit of a bitch, but grants are interesting.

I don’t love my boss and his incompetence, the unrealistic deadlines we have because the most senior boss has a threat of firing due to new upper-upper management, the delays in getting information from other agencies, and the overall slowness and decentralization of the rest of government.

Good thing is, my boss gives me credit and acknowledges how hard I’m working. Hopefully, that will pay off in the long run. I also can earn extra hours so I can eventually take a vacation, which is nice.

Anyhow, I’ve been ridiculously busy of late. I got back from the holiday on Saturday, immediately turned around to go set up for, attend, and tear down Rapture. Sunday afternoon/evening I collapsed from exhaustion. Monday was work then an application for a fellowship all night, Tuesday was work then a BR class followed by grocery shopping and making chili (that of course didn’t turn out), Wednesday I worked until 9:30, today I worked until 8:30 then applied to jobs and now have to clean. Tomorrow I have plans for a game night, Saturday day is holiday activities in Old Town with friends, Saturday night may be piano bar, Sunday is ice skating… I anticipate working late every night next week, and next weekend every day has stuff planned. The week after there’s an interesting BR class and a concert… It’s getting ridiculous. WTF? I need to sleep! I need to rest! AHH! I want to see everyone and do everything, but we’ll see how long it is before I hit extroverted critical mass. I like being busy and I really want to see everyone and do all the things, but there’s only so much I can handle.

The more organized, anal, and in control I am at work – basically every hour I’m at work – I get more masochistic and submissive, and also a bit more sadistic. I want to hurt people, I want to be hurt, and I want to submit entirely with every inch of my being. Oh, the joy of it all.


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