Day 12, 30 Days of Me

Day 12: Describe a typical day in your current life.

Snark moment – in my current life? As opposed to my past or future lives? WTF?

So, a typical day. Clearly, this depends on the season and whether or not it is a weekend or a weekday. Since the majority are weekdays…

A typical day begins at 7:05, when the first of four alarms goes off on my phone. I turn it off or sleep through it. Repeat this until I drag my ass out of bed at around 8:10, when I hurry to take a quick shower. I put on the clothes I laid out the night before, grab my stuff (sometimes lunch/breakfast I prepared the night before), and walk to work. I start work at 9am. Really, it’s a miracle I live 10 minutes from work, otherwise this would never work. Sometimes I stop and grab a mocha, chai, tea, or something before work – I try to limit this.

If I bought a beverage, I usually end up not eating breakfast, otherwise I eat at my desk when I get into work. I check work and personal emails. I read the news – CNN, yahoo, and my google reader. I usually don’t make it through my google reader. If I know my schedule allows for procrastination, I’ll read articles, send funny ones along to friends, etc. I usually meet with my direct supervisor for 30 minutes to an hour to let him know what needs to be done for the day/project. I then work diligently, pausing at lunchtime to heat/grab lunch and eat it at my desk. Rarely but sometimes, I grab lunch with a coworker and actually take my lunch break. Sometimes my work day includes meetings with our senior manager, our methodologist, interviews with the agency we’re auditing, or a training of some sort. Lately, it’s included lots of CFC events since I’m our key worker. (Which, btw, I rocked at – I led our division to contributing well over 60% of our agency’s goal.)

After work, about one – maybe two – nights a week I’ll go home and stay in. On those nights, I make dinner, watch TV, catch up on job applications and emails, do laundry, etc. Sometimes I hit up a kinky happy hour or class. Other nights I grab dinner/drinks with a friend or date; I feel like my life in DC consists of constantly trying to “catch up” with people. I will say that evening plans are a luxury of late; I’ve been working extremely late these days, and so have been at work until 8, 9, 11pm which means none of this is relevant.

Weekends usually involve sleeping in, then putting off and maybe actually running errands. I’ll usually for at least one night or day go to a kinky party, class, or hang out with friends from the kinky world doing kinky or nonkinky things. Another night is usually spent either with a date or my vanilla friends, either at the movies, play games, at a bar, etc.

Generally, I’m the type of person who plans in advance. I usually know plans several days out, and I semi-obsessively update my google calendar to reflect things. I leave some flexibility so that I can be spontaneous or plan some things last minute, but if people really want to hang out the best bet is to let me know the week or a couple of days before.


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