Day 16, 30 Days of Me

Day 16: What are your 5 greatest accomplishments?

  1. Graduating Manga Cum Laude with my bachelors, in 4 years, from the honors program at my school. Part and parcel: my undergraduate thesis, studying abroad, interning in DC.
  2. Getting into and graduating from graduate school with my Masters, with distinction.
  3. Getting a job before graduating from grad school. Yay employment!
  4. Being unafraid to pave unknown paths. Case in point: starting Mock Trial in high school, writing the sustainability plan for my undergrad college, starting the energy club in grad school. It’s not easy to be the first, but I’d rather work hard to create opportunities than lament not having them.
  5. Joining the kinky community. Weird one, I know, but it was really hard to work up the courage to attend events alone, put myself out there, etc. I’m so glad I have – it’s resulting in amazing experiences, fabulous friends, and a whole new sense of self.

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