Holiday Travel

Grr. I’m currently stuck in the airport. I’ve been at the airport since 7:15am, and it’s 10:26am. I’m $516 richer, but oh so frustrated. Got to love holiday travel.

Apparently, there was an entire flight crew stuck here last night that needed to be on my flight this morning. Despite my having checked-in at 10:30am yesterday, I was one of the last 5 to check in this morning (I guess because I checked my bag?). No one volunteered to reschedule and take a voucher, so I got involuntarily booted from my flight. The bonus here – 400% of the fare I paid in a check for cash. I was rebooked for the next flight out at 10:55am. I was still set to make my shuttle to my little Indiana town, and all was good. I was actually cool with it – I’m all for easy money. My favorite moment was the lady who threw a freaking fit. She literally said “Is there ANYONE on this flight with higher status than  me” (in terms to airline miles). Gotta give it to her, though – her, her husband, and baby did eventually get on the plane. I did not.

Now, my new flight has been delayed, so I’m going to miss my shuttle. … In lieu of waiting for an additional 2 hours at this other airport, I’m trying to persuade my dad to come get me. I get not wanting to drive 4 hours (2 each way)…but really, c’mon. I’m family. It’s not that hard. So we’ll see…traveling is certainly an adventure.

There are delays everywhere and all sorts of drama. Gotta love the holidays!


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