Goals and New Year – 2013

Overarching goals: get in better shape, get more organized, take more time to myself, focus on my hobbies more. See below for metrics/how to.

Fitness and Health:

  • Participate fully in my friend’s charity weight loss challenge as a tracking mechanism.
  • 156 times to the gym or 4,680 minutes of cardio, whichever comes first.  (This equates to 3 times a week for 30 minutes each time. Could go less times but work out longer, or more times but work out less.)
  • Register for, train for, and actually complete a 5K.
  • No electronics after 11:30pm.
  • Drink water every morning first thing and with dinner.

Organizing Life:

  • Create a budget and stick to it in order to (1) pay of all of my credit cards and (2) save at least $1,000. Consider using Mint as a helpful tool. Also, enforce by taking out cash at the beginning of every month and using that for any entertainment, food, shopping, going out. Use debit card for gas, online-only purchases (amazon/itunes), and grocery shopping. Manage online credit card statements and eliminate unnecessary monthly charges.
  • Friend organizing: Collect and organize addresses, phone numbers, and contact information for all friends can think of.
  • Digital organizing: Collect and organize online bookmarks, clean up sites I follow in my google reader, compile all passwords, organize saved documents & photos on my computer.

Time to self and focusing on hobbies:

  • Stay at home 2 nights each week. Can substitute for hanging out at someone’s house. Need this time for laundry, cleaning, groceries, cooking for week, working out.
  • Take 52 photos.
  • Write at least one short erotic story.
  • Create Kinky&Awkward website or blog, fill with moments.
  • Go to at least one never-been-before destination, either domestically or internationally.

Kinky Goals:

  • Learn more about rope from the top perspective: sommerville bowline, double coin, TK, decorative karadas.
  • Acquire a flogger and learn to properly use it.
  • Continue to improve my “saying no” skills when it comes to pick up play and negotiations.
  • Have good sex with someone I care about, whom I lust for, and whose company I enjoy. Part and parcel, more blowjobs and orgasms! Again, all safely, with carefully considered partners.
  • Watch the movie Secretary, finally. Preferably while tied up.
  • Experience wax play as a bottom.
  • Try cupping and/or fire cupping.

To-Do Activities:

  • snow tubing
  • kayaking
  • cooking class
  • racquetball
  • bingo at a bingo place
  • National Zoo
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Twilight Polo
  • Williamsburg
  • Dancing at Glen Echo
  • Hiking/Walking/Photography in Great Falls or Rock Creek Park
  • Military band concert
  • Ocean City/Atlantic City/Virginia Beach – visit one
  • Top Golf
  • DC Rollergirls or Charm City Rollergirls
  • The Mansion on O St
  • Spa World
  • Museum of Crime and Punishment

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