Updates and Unexpected Issue

I think I’ve decided that my weeknights should be low-key, inexpensive, and primarily introvert focused since I keep my weekends so busy. It can’t be both. This is a tad backwards than most folks I know, but whatever, to each their own.

I rediscovered my Wii this week with my roommate, and have gained a new obsession with Just Dance. It’s like zumba, only in the privacy of my home! Great cardio, fun music, and I don’t feel like it’s work…so that’s a good thing. I’ve also watched a ridiculous amount of the show My Boys this past week. I’m almost finished with all 4 seasons (context – it’s a 20 minute show on Netflix). I highly recommend it.

I started my weekend trying to be productive by going to the DMV. In the never-ending effort to register my car, of course the whole queuing and transaction system went down and they sent everyone home. I had them check my forms just so I was set for next time, and lo and behold, I was missing another form. So, off to the bank to get another form filled out, and I should be ready to get this shit done next time I can take off work to go.

After that, it was time for DC Rope! I linked the vanilla activity group I run to DC Rope, which should be good. There’s so much overlap that it made a lot of sense. It was great to catch up with a lot of folks and spend some time in rope, although it’s never enough. I want more…

I also volunteered at a wine event this weekend, which was crazy busy but a blast. I got to sample a bunch of wines, and I realized I really enjoy pouring wine. I generally like pouring tea and all drinks, but this was especially fun. I’m a pretty good salesperson, and I liked learning my product and persuading people to try it. I would really enjoy selling for a winery or working for a supplier.

I went to a “Slumber Parties” party and bought a new sex toy yesterday…I know, I really didn’t need ANOTHER one…but I couldn’t resist! It’s like the search for the perfect pair of heels, only trying to achieve the penultimate orgasm via toy. I don’t have a hitachi, since personally they freak me the hell out. They’re too strong. I keep buying toys though, and at the end of the day I always end up back with my $5 vibrating bullet. In an effort to get over my penetration issues, I’ve been trying to use insertable toys more. I’m wondering if I can charge them to insurance… The new toy is fancy and made of a smoother non-jelly material. It’s an insertable intended to hit the g-spot with an external clit stimulator.

So then of course I went home to use my new toy…and poof problems ensue. Right now, I don’t have a strong interest in anyone, which has put me in a strange place. I used to always get off to fantasies with faceless men. In the past few years, I’ve taken to getting off to fantasies involving whichever men I’m into at the time. So, without a particular man floating my boat, I don’t have someone to put into my fantasies…and that’s awkward. I actually logistically stumbled in getting off last night. Crazy! Instead I had to go back to focusing on the actions and fetishes and how they make me feel, the situations, instead of the people…which did eventually work, just took some paradigm-shifting.

On the plus side, I think I have a new story idea. It involves an innocent woman getting arrested. An appealing guard notices her involuntary reactions to handcuffs and chains, and taking pity on her knowing the trials and dangers of holding cells and jail that she’ll face while waiting to be absolved, he offers an alternative. It’s a bit in the reluctance/non-consent department, but since I’m too logistically focused, there will be safe words and other options so that she has a choice, there’ll be a romantic element, and of course teasing, denial, minor objectification, and bondage. There may even be co-topping with another guard in the picture.


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