DO:WF Class Interest

Awaiting the full schedule, but copying a friend’s idea and listing the classes of interest so I can remember them.

  • Erotic dancing for larger bodies by Cami Lucida. Lecture, Demo, Practice. 4:30 Saturday.
  • Anatomy for Rope: A Twist on the Human Body by Lynk. Lecture and Discussion. 11:30 Saturday.
  • Better Blowjobs by SherynB. Lecture, Demo, Practice. 11:30 Saturday.
  • Embrace the Darkness by Yosenio V. Lewis. Lecture and Discussion. 4:30 Sunday.
  • Evil, Mean, and Nasty Rope Bondage by Lqqkout. Lecture and Practice.
  • Kinky and Monogamous: Navigating BDSM while choosing Monogamy by DoNotGoGently. Lecture and Discussion. 4:30 Sunday.
  • Talk Dirtier: How To Let Your Tongue Go by Sinclair Sexsmith. Lecture, Demo, Practice. 11:30 Saturday.
  • Kinky Wrestling, Capt Gordon. 9:30 Saturday.


  • Alternative Beatings 101 by Lady Aisha. Lecture, Demo, Practice. 2:30 Saturday.
  • Bare! Stories by Jefferson. 8 Sunday.
  • Better Sex Through Body Awareness by Frances Reed. Lecture and Demo.
  • Beyond the Playroom: How to Structure a BDSM Relationship by Ray Nay. Lecture and Discussion. 2:30 Friday.
  • Bigger Body Play by Yosenio V Lewis. Lecture and Discussion. 2:30 Saturday.
  • Bois who date Girls who see Boys by Lqqkout. Lecture and Discussion.
  • Fishnets and Furry Handcuffs: The Perception of Kink in Popular Culture by Leila. Lecture. 2:30 Sunday.
  • Full Out, All in, Naked to the World: YOU by SherynB. Lecture and Discussion. 4:30 Friday.
  • Fundamentals of Rope Suspension by Sir C. Lecture and Demo. 2:30 Saturday.
  • Hot and Easy Negotiation by Heartbound and TouchDeep. Lecture, Discussion, Demo, Practice. 9:30 Saturday.
  • Needles for Bondage by Sir C. Lecture, Demo, Practice. 4:30 Sunday.
  • Protocol in D/s Relationships by Sinclair Sexsmith. Lecture and Discussion. 2:30 Sunday.
  • So You Think You Can Top by Finn. Discussion. 2:30 Saturday.
  • Writing About Sex by Sinclair Sexsmith. Lecture, Discussion, Demo, Practice. 4:30 Saturday.

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